Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Good Healthy Latitude

Last weekend Team Branchage donned their wellies, packed up their baby wipes and hand sanitizer and headed off to Suffolk to spend a blissful weekend sampling the joys of Latitude Festival.

And which was their Latitude tent of choice? Why, the quite excellent Film & Music Arena of course. 3 days of shorts and features, live music, performance and talks – mmmm, Branchagey bliss.

Branchage’s Head Programmer Philip Ilson was responsible for scheduling some of the Film & Music Arena’s programme (while wearing his London Short Film Festival hat). He lined up some excellent shorts, like Esther May Campbell’s award-winning September, and A Short Film About Freedom by Guy King and Carla Mackinnon – a big Branchage favourite. Also gracing the stage was the ineffable Midnight Expresso, star of Fred Grace’s Tornado of Fame; a spandex-suited tour de force of cabaret rap. There are no words…

Outside the Film & Music Arena, other weekend highlights for the team included Simon Armitage in the poetry tent, Jeffrey Lewis’s late night solo set, the Grace Jones spectacular, French fun with Phoenix and all the general mischief a bright young thing can get up to roaming around the woods for a weekend.

Branchage hearts festivals. Thanks Latitude. x

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