Thursday, 18 June 2009

Trailer Time (already!)

One year ago, a very special lady came into our lives, bringing joy and laughter to Branchagers far and wide. Last weekend, that lady was back on the scene, to star once again in a Branchage Festival Trailer. And boy did she star!

Mrs De La Haye joined a cast of Jersey locals for the filming for the 2009 trailer, and we can now state with absolute certainty that this year’s trailer is going to be an absolute corker.

The director’s keeping the plot very close to his chest, but suffice to say, it stars some familiar Jersey faces, some Branchage hedge-cutting in action, and a yellow, plastic workman’s helmet with ear-protectors attached.

All will be revealed in due course…. The trailer’s Coming Soon to a (computer) screen near you!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Locations, Locations, Locations

Did you feel a heightened sense of excitement and anticipation last week? Want to know why? Team Branchage was in town!

The London Branchage crew hopped over to Jersey last week en masse, and venues were on their mind. The Festival is all about turning Jersey’s most weird and wonderful locations into amazing, atmospheric screening venues, so the Team thought they’d better see every venue on the island in one almighty recce.

We checked out castles, bunkers, indoor pools and outdoor harbours, gardens and farms, a zoo and a racetrack, leisure centres, churches and barns. Oh so many barns.

Now all we have to do is match up the perfect events with the perfect venues and we’ll have an unbelievably cracking festival on our hands. We're so excited it's hard to sleep.

Roll on October 2009!

Branchage love to all x