Sunday, 29 November 2009

Vote for your favourite 48-hour Road Movie

Cast your mind back to the heady days of Branchage festival 2009; just below the calm festival exterior (ahem), there was a hive of activity and creativity bubbling away, in the form of the Vauxhall 48-Hour Road Movie Challenge.

The event saw seven teams of filmmakers rise to the challenge of writing, shooting and editing a road movie in just two days. The teams were a mixture of folk who flew over from the UK to take part and local Jersey filmmakers (some expert, some aspiring). These bright young stars (directors, camera operators, actors and the like) were guided by the award-winning filmmaking brothers Ben and Chris Blaine, who co-organised the event, and led by example by forming a madcap team themselves.

Each team was given a theme, drawn from a hat at the start of the 48 hours, and off they set, rambling around the island, trying to create a classic of the genre to a tight deadline.

Now's your chance to see what they came up with....

The films are now live on so get watching and don't forget to vote for your favourite. All the movies will be screened at the London Short Film Festival in January, where the winning film will be announced and its creators will receive a £1000 prize for their efforts. Plenty to budget their next masterpiece...

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Battle of Branchage

The popularity of the Battle of Branchage video below is amazing - it's through the roof, getting re-posted, re-blogged and mercilessly viewed across the internet, and across the world.

It's no surprise either... take a look and you'll understand why people can't get enough of watching this video of the cutting edge projections that lit up Mont Orgueil Castle at Branchage in Oct 2009. The projections were put on by the combined forces of Seeper and Flat-E, and the totally site-specific spectacle was inspired by the crumbly Medieval glory of Gorey Castle, perched atop Mont Orgueil on the rocky Jersey coastline.

Watch it, send the link to your friends... few things make Team Branchage as happy as seeing people watch this video for the first time. Enjoy!

Battle of Branchage from seeper on Vimeo.