Monday, 27 April 2009

On the Buses

Just in case there was any doubt, Xanthe Hamilton has been reminding the East End of London that she’s not only Branchage’s Creative Director but also a filmmaker with the wisdom of experience to pass on to a few budding doc-makers out there.

If you’ve been around Spitalfields (Branchage’s London stomping ground by the way) you may have noticed the big red Routemaster bus that’s acting as the East End Film Festival’s filmmakers centre this week. The (jam-packed and really ace) East End Film Festival have been running a series of workshops inside their big red bus, and on Friday Branchage stepped in to run a documentary film surgery.

Xanthe and fellow documentary filmmaker Juan Blaine were ‘in session’ on the bus to answer those questions, queries and quibbles that come up when you’re trying to make and market a doc.

Getting to know some up-and-coming filmmakers and encouraging new work reminded us of something… Branchage loves helping people get their films made and shown. In fact, it’s given us a rather devilish new idea [rubs hands together with glee]. Mum’s the word, but some extraordinarily cool Branchage Film Surgeries are now in the pipeline and coming to London in the very near future…

In the meantime, the East End Film Festival continues this week and it’s well worth checking out:

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jonny Trunk at Branchage 2008.

Last year the London based dj and cult label owner Jonny Trunk, came over to Jersey to do a spot of djing at our festival on the sunday night....and here we have the recording.


Take a listen or download..right click save to desktop.
Download Here